Games will be on Friday nights, and can start anywhere from 6:40pm through to 9:40pm. The earlier the age group the earlier the likely start time for games. Players are expected to arrive at (be inside) the stadium at least half an hour prior to the start time for each game. 

MU VJBL is a home and away competition so half the games will be at home and the other half will be away at other Associations. However, in the earlier Grading phases, some games are also held at neutral venues. This could involve travelling to the outer east and south east for some away games, however depending on the final league a team plays in during the championship phase, away games may be confined to the north west region of Melbourne.

The season breaks into three distinct phases. Grading phase 1 Nov - Dec 17, Grading phase 2 Feb - Mar 18, and the Championship phase Mar - Sep 18. We strongly recommend that you read the VJBL parents handbook on our website for more information.


To start our preparation and to give teams the best possible start there are likely to be 2 compulsory training sessions. Training sessions can be expected to take place on Sundays and Thursdays but final allocation of training times will be confirmed at a later point and can vary during the season. Parents should expect that there will be no training during weeks where there are no games for your competition. Please refer to the VJBL calendar for more information of the season.


There will be two or three tournaments where the teams will be participating. The first will be the Geelong Junior Tournament on 4 & 5 November. This is a round robin tournament with no finals and is a great preparation before VJBL grading games commence shortly after. The other two tournaments are likely to be the Eltham/Dandenong over the Australia Day long weekend, and Nunawading or Ballarat over the Queen's Birthday long weekend.


Scoring is a role of the parents and each family should be prepared to score on a regular basis. See the VJBL how to score handout. Participating in fundraising activities is also a requirement unless your family has paid the season’s fundraising levy. 


Each team needs a parent to volunteer to be the team manager. They'll be the key organiser and primary liaison for the other parents, co-ordinate team sheets payments and scoring roster. They also need to hold a valid WWCC licence. We look to support our Team Managers in a variety of ways including an information booklet and occasional meetings, along with Imperials kit.


 This is a representative competition and equal court time is not guaranteed. However, players can get more court time by playing their role for the team, doing what is asked and applying new 

skills they have learned in training.

During the season of MU VJBL there will be highs and lows, jubilation and disappointment. Supporting your child throughout and maintaining a positive attitude is important. We’ll help you where we can and look to ensure that the messages from Imperials are positive too. Give particular attention to the messages you’re giving your child before and directly after games.